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Complimentary Fringe Trims

To help extend the life of your hair cut, we offer a complimentary fringe/neck trim service in between your haircut services. Bookings can only be taken by the stylist who initially cut your hair and are outside of a stylist's appointment times so tend to either be in the morning or evening. We only offer fringe/neck trims to existing clients and they must be booked prior. Please call the salon to arrange a complimentary fringe trim with your stylist.

Blowdries & Colour Service

Following a colour service at Circle of Friends, we recommend following the appointment with a stylist to cut and finish your hair. Blowdries are not included within the price of colour services, and although we will be happy to include one for you should our Apprentice be available, this is not always possible due to the busy nature of our salon. We can however provide you with free use of all our products and equipment should you want to dry your own hair at a station before leaving the salon.

In Case of Running Late

As the service provider our aim is to run on schedule. However we are aware that unexpectedly life can get in the way and clients or occasionally our stylists too, can run late due to the nature of precision hair cutting. For this reason we offer our clients a 20 minute cut off period from the scheduled booking time before having to reschedule the appointment.  In return we ask that you are equally as understanding when our team are running late for your appointment.

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